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Full advice

Traditional, face-to-face planning remains the bedrock of our financial planning. This model is recommended for those who want to work with a dedicated financial planner on a "one-to-one basis. Advice can be given in person, or by video call if preferred.

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About this service

Full advice is appropriate for those clients who have more complex financial planning needs associated with having accumulated a certain level of assets and have multiple financial objectives. 

You are likely to be considering your financial objectives in the long-term having already accumulated some wealth and are looking to further build, consolidate and preserve for the future.

You are most likely to benefit from building a relationship with a dedicated adviser who can meet with you as required to set up your plans and tailor the service to keep you on track over the long-term.

You may benefit from additional expertise and specialist services such as tax planning and lifetime financial planning with scenario forecasting that enables you to make informed decisions.

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What you'll receive

  • A dedicated adviser for support
  • Annual or bi-annual suitability review
  • Cashflow modelling
  • Regular e-newsletter on financial matters
  • An "open-door" policy for meeting with your financial planner
  • Access our service as you wish; face to face, telephone or video
  • Access to our My 70 portal
  • Scenario planning report
  • Regular investment updates

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