We don’t believe in the traditional one-size-fits-all approach. Instead we’re led by your needs and hopes. In this way we offer professional financial advice not just to the wealthy, but to everyone.

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We believe financial advice should be for everyone. We achieve this with both traditional person-to-person interaction, and cutting-edge financial technology.

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Testimonial quotes

The team at Seventy Financial Planning have provided my wife and I with invaluable expert advice and support over a number of years. Their services are very professional and first class. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone seeking independent financial advice.

Steve Bullen

Seventy brought real clarity to my personal situation, highlighting areas that need attention and which were performing well. I appreciated the genuine desire to understand my personal situation. The unhurried and professional approach made Seventy a pleasure to work with.

Client from Yorkshire

Chris from Seventy sat with me and assessed my needs and how risk averse I am. He then provided me with a full review of findings and investment options. I am now in a better financial position than I would have been without his advice and I have been able to take early retirement.

Client from Merseyside

Seventy has been a real lifesaver for us. Our investments with a previous firm were rapidly depleting. This would have resulted in severe difficulties for us. Seventy stabilised and grew our investments. That this was achieved in the difficult markets we are seeing is impressive.

Yasir Khan
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My Seventy Portal

Get a clear, uncomplicated view of your finances in one place. Your investments, savings, pensions, insurances, mortgages, loans and property alongside all the associated paperwork.

  • View your investment portfolio
  • Quickly access your insurance details
  • Set up reminders for important financial events
  • Securely store all your important documents
  • Track your property values

4 steps to success

At Seventy Financial Planning, we use a four-step process to create your plan.


Fact Finding

First things first, we must get to know you.

This is really important, for we need a deep understanding of your objectives and desires to plan effectively. This is how we differ from traditional one-size-fits-all financial advice. The problem with the one-size-fits-all approach is that, in practice, it fits no one. At Seventy we don’t believe in this approach. Instead we’ll be led by your needs and hopes.

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In our opinion, this is the most valuable step in the process.

We use all our understanding about you to establish the feasibility, and likelihood, of your needs and hopes becoming a reality. It is our aim to use the result of this step as the blueprint to guide our recommendations.

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Should you instruct us to proceed with our recommendations we will:

handle all fund and policy administration on your behalf, provide regular updates to keep you informed of progress, ensure all your documents are issued in line with your expectations, and provide confirmation of all actions taken on your behalf in writing.

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Annual Review

Financial planning is an ongoing process.

Even once your plan is underway it must be reviewed annually. We’ll be in touch to conduct your review. It’s effectively the periodic repeating of the above three steps. We will re-visit our cash-flow modelling, discuss the full range of our on-going services and consider the ongoing suitability of your plan.

Cashflow Planning

Seventy’s cashflow planning software makes it easy to visualise your financial future and gain deep insights into your financial well-being. Visualise your goals and achieve financial freedom.

  • See the impact of your financial decisions
  • Visualise your income, assets, liabilities, and goals
  • Answer big questions about earnings or early retirement
  • Identify excess money and do more of what you enjoy
  • Model the impact of various "what if" scenarios

Truth about money

Will you have too little, too much, or just enough money? Create a picture of your financial life, your income and outgoings with the Seventy “Truth about money” portal and see your financial future.