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Even as every client comes to use with unique requirements, they all share common human desires. It might be funding for retirement, life goals or the protection of their legacy.

Listen to some of our clients tell their own individual stories.

Dr Zaman’s Story

“Seventy Financial Planning have always exceeded my expectations.”

Listen as Dr Zaman speaks about his experience as a client of Seventy Financial Planning. You’ll hear his first impressions, the ongoing experience communicating with the team, and ultimately how he feels about his decision to engage Seventy Financial Planning.

Tony & Sharon’s Story

“People ask ‘what do you do?’, and now I can say ‘whatever I want'”

After a period of living overseas Tony and Sharon came back to the UK in 2015. Here they tell the story of the fist time they met with Chris and the team at Seventy, and what they said to each other immediately after the meeting. They then talk about their lives since that first meeting.

Marc & Nicky’s Story

“The first time we sat down with Seventy I realised, ‘Wow we can do more than we thought’.”

In this interview Marc and Nicky talk about the changes they’ve seen since choosing Seventy Financial Planning as their advisers. The Seventy team were able to show Marc and Nicky that they didn’t need to wait until retirement to enjoy their money. And they’ve since had some amazing experiences.

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